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Link from A Link to the Past :). I always preferred the kid version of Link.
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Graphite <3! Detail of a larger archaeological illustration about pottery in different eras (not yet published). I had lots of fun working in more of a classic style than I usually do.

Sublime lighting, bro!
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I made this necklace for my grandma who celebrated her 70th birthday yesterday. Made with sterling silver and a labradorite cabochon. If you’ve ever seen any of my creations you know that I don’t really make pieces like this. I think it’s mainly because it’s been done before and there are certain expectations bound to them. Perfect surfaces and high polish ain’t my thing. At all. I decided to make this piece anyway, shut off the thoughts about expectations. I leave scratches and fingerprints because that’s just me, and I might not always be what you expect.I know that my grandma was very happy about it anyways. 
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The woodworking gods demand sacrifice
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Behind the scenes at the Bärgeist collection photo shoot.
Photography by @diecold #GMLmedia
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Would you like to own one of my stump rings? Why, of course you would! Or would you maybe like to give it to someone dear to you? Who wouldn’t! 

Therefore, in honor of the lovely season of autumn, I’m hosting a giveaway! 

Here are the rules: 
1. You need to follow me
2. Reblog this and write why you’d like to win

It’s that easy! I’ll ship worldwide, so even is you’re on the opposite side of the world, there’s no need to worry! 

And if you don’t want to wait for the contest to end and have some money to spend, you can always buy one here

Click a few buttons, win a stump you can put on your finger and/or tiny pillejonk.

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Film stills don’t get much better than this. Mifune (L) and Seiji Miyaguchi (R) in “Seven Samurai” (1954). 
After “Ikiru,” Kurosawa and his screenwriting team - Shinobu Hashimoto and Hideo Oguni -  wanted to make a film exploring a day in the life of a samurai, but the idea was too vague. Looking over the enormous amount research material compiled, Kurosawa found a tidbit about a group of samurai who came together to protect a village from bandits.
The team sat down to explore the idea and ended up writing a 500 page script. 

Well, not quite. The idea wasn’t too vague, it was too specific. Kurosawa wanted to make the most authentic samurai film ever, and charged Hashimoto and two assistants from the Toho art department to work up the scenario and research it. The story Hashimoto came up with - the last day in the life of a samurai who is compelled to commit seppuku to atone for the mistake of his branch of the fief government - got hung up on a single, insurmountable detail; with great trepidation and no small amount of soul-searching, Hashimoto himself pulled the plug on the project and, in so doing, brought Kurosawa’s wrath down on both him and the Toho assistants (the screenplay later became the genesis of Hashimoto’s film Seppuku). Once Kurosawa had gotten over the disappointment (a few days later), he called Hashimoto to him and said that there was a change of plan: they’d now be doing a film called The Lives of Japanese Swordsmen - an omnibus film that would look at the lives of eight famous Japanese swordsmen. Hashimoto was once again charged with working up the scenario, and when he returned a few days later with what he’d written, Kurosawa looked it over and laughed, saying - basically - “there’s no actual story here - it’s just episodes strung together!”
It was only a bit later that, discussing options with Kurosawa’s producer at Toho, it came out that there was something interesting in the idea of itinerate samurai (which was one of the eight samurai to have been featured in the omnibus film). The people from Toho informed Kurosawa that there were villages that sometimes allowed a samurai to stay with them - gave them room and board, if they would keep watch at night for bandits. According to Hashimoto, Kurosawa looked at him, he looked back, and thus The Seven Samurai was born. 
All this and more in Compound Cinematics: Akira Kurosawa and I, coming in February 2015.

This is interesting, the first (I think), response we’ve received on such a post. According to Stuart Galbraith IV, who quotes Hashimoto in “The Emperor and the Wolf” - and is obviously evidenced by the Hashimoto quote above - the problem was that, in getting hung up on detail, Kurosawa and the writers were unable to find a story, and therefore, the idea was vague on narrative, and thus not fit for the type of movie they wanted to make. 

Yes, I think the detail part comes out more in A Day in the Life, and the vagueness in Lives of Japanese Swordsmen. Honestly, I don’t normally do this kind of response, but I’m fresh off the translation of the Hashimoto book and The Seven Samurai story was easily my favorite for just how labyrinthine it was, so I got a bit excited to share a bit of the detail from the book. I hope I haven’t overstepped!

This is a great little dialogue, love the back and forth. No overstepping at all - love learning new things, especially about the process that went into great films. Pre-ordered the Hashimoto book!
Maya Jewelry


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Magical stump ring.

Casted bronze stump ring that has been oxidized, giving you the look of a dark old forest filled with trolls, elves, fairies and magical beings. 
Available here

No goblins? Phew!

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"Det står väl inte i Mose lag att gamla kärringar inte får klättra i träd"
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Fresh batch of jewelry from @mayajewelry arrived at the shop yesterday! And just so you all know, they look amazing! #calmbodymod #calmbodymodification #piercingstockholm #stockholmpiercing #mayajewelry #jewelry #jewelryforgrownups #legitjewelry #itsnotexpensiveifitsworthit (på/i CALM Bodymod - Piercings and Modifications)


Bergman Island (2004)


(Source: andreii-tarkovsky, via seidur)